GS Advisory

Our company is providing experienced specialists able to cover all stages of project lifecycle as well as expert advisory in many fields

  • Business process analysis – the analysis of various business operations classified into processes, or series’ of related tasks, where observation revolves around the specific ways in which these processes happen along a life cycle from beginning to end. Because a business process consists of a series of related tasks or events with a particular end objective, business process analysis uses various tools and methodologies to look at these processes in a variety of ways, and to monitor efficiency, productivity and more.
  • Requirements gathering and analysis – requirements analysis contains those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new or altered product or project, taking account of the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders, analyzing, documenting, validating and managing software or system requirements. This type of analysis is critical for success or failure of a systems or software project
  • Solution architecture and design – is a practice of defining and describing an architecture of a system delivered in context of a specific solution and as such it may include description of an entire system or only its specific parts. A Solution Architecture typically applies to a single project or project release, assisting in the translation of requirements into a solution vision, high-level business and/or IT system specifications, and a portfolio of implementation tasks.

Our company operates and creates cooperation with firms in many industries such as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and companies operating in aviation industry.

GS Delivery

We focus on extending customer delivery teams in terms of capacity and experience. Our main strength lies in EU-based high quality near-shoring options with favourable pricing and experienced on-site blended teams of our GS and customer specialists who provide the best service possible

Rapid prototyping

In GS Consulting, “Rapid prototyping” means that prototyping happens in extremely short time-frames by the team of specialists developing SW.

Our keys to deliver the best service are relying on proven specialists and using proper technologies and own adapted methodologies to assure realistic feedback from the response group. The main services we can offer are

  • Mobile, web and desktop applications
  • Cloud technologies
  • React
  • Firebase
  • Javascript
  • LEAN prototyping

Software delivery

We provide self-sufficient development teams with agile SCRUM or “Fix-time Fix-price” (Critical chain) approach. One of our mottos is “Delivering Together” so our focus is on tight cooperation with our customer in order to achieve customer’s maximum satisfaction.

  • Java EE
  • .NET ASP
  • PL/SQL or MS SQL
  • Angular.js
  • React.js

Software support

Because customer’s satisfaction with our services is important to us, we offer a 3-level support centre operating in 24×7 mode with 1 hour response time. Our support centre is based on knowledge based development and maintenance, profound problem analysis as well as proactive monitoring, issue resolution and smoke testing

GS Technology

Because technology is what we are dealing with, we are assuring that our specialists are using the right technology to deliver the right solution with optimal effort, time and budget.

Our company rely on partnerships with giants in the industry and emerging stars

  • Microsoft Certified Partner in Software development
  • Keboola Partner
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„Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. A když kouká, aby byl a je, tak má být to, co je a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je.“ Jan Werich