Answer our questions and join us!

  • Do you want to become part of a team which is built on trust, personal relationships and initiative approach to work?
  • Don’t you look just for another corporation where people work all day and do not know why and what they are actually doing?
  • Are you able to work independently without constant surveillance?
  • Do you enjoy flexible working conditions and green color?

If you answered „yes“ to all questions, then you passed the first round of „the selection procedure“. In the following „rounds“ don’t expect hours-long testing like you are applying to NASA or any assessment centers where people compete who is the best. Don’t even expect a formal interview in a suit. We want to get to know each other the way we are. At lunch or with coffee we will talk about how can we be beneficial to each other and when it goes well, we will be happy to have you in our team.

Who do we look for?

Partners with 3-6 years’ experience who want to work autonomously on interesting projects for many companies from banking sector, IT development, IT consultancy, optical equipment and also state administration which are the top in their field.

It will be great if you had knowledge and skills from one of these!

  • MS – SQL, Power BI, Oracle, Power Designer, ODS, DWH, UML, BPMN, Abacus, Enterprise Architect, C#, JAVA aj.

Do you want to offer us your skills but you don’t think you fit into the profile mentioned above? Just contact us and we will see if we find a position for you. We welcome foreigners who can speak Czech on a communicative level at least.

We also have something to offer. You can get a decent salary, many benefits which we would like to share with you and mainly your colleagues who will be working with you.

If you would like to work with us, send us your CV or your LinkedIn profile or any other social network profile where we can get some information about you.

Employee Benefits

What you can expect to get in our company and not in the most of the others?


We support personal development not only through different trainings but also by increasing the qualification in the form of a study contribution.


People matters is also our motto so you can participate in various teambuilding events where both families with children and adventure nature focused on “wildlife survival” can choose.


We do not discriminate. We do not care if you’re a fresh graduate, your hair is getting gray or you have a big belly with our future colleague.


We acknowledge that you can´t do without language skills so we provide you with contribution of CZK 5000 per month for language education.


We know that the comfort of working conditions can motivates you to achieve higher productivity of work. Simply said, work-life balance is not only a popular foreign word to us but an integral part of our work.


If you do not have enough of vacation days you can simply take another day off, or if you feel that you are at the end of your strength you can take a career break.


We realize that overdosed illnesses do not lead to higher work efficiency but to long-term health problems, subsequent dissatisfaction and social exclusion. And thus we offer the possibility of extended health care.


Last but not least, we support philanthropic activities such as participation in charity events, blood donation etc.

I do not even mention good financial conditions as it’s not a benefit but an essential thing.
We’ll offer all this to you, if your generosity is the same. 😊

*Mandatory classics such as 5 weeks of vacation, business notebook and mobile phone, flexible working hours, individual working hours, a benefit system and professional training are commonplace.


*Benefits may vary according to the law and common practice of a particular country.

People at GS


    Working at GS Consulting give me a great opportunity to prove my theoretical know-how in practice and to participate in real projects for big corporations. A big advantage is also a possibility to combine the work with studies as I am working part-time. Despite the fact that GS Consulting is yet a start-up company, they offer their employees attractive benefits not only in professional development.

  • Martin Honajzer

    “I started with Business intelligence at the Gopas – IT training center and I utilize my almost 10 years’ experience in GS Consulting. This company allows me to put into practice a collaboration of business and IT world and possibility to get to the core of the matter together with participation on creating constructive solutions. What I appreciate about GS Consulting is the emphasis on customer satisfaction and agile working attitude.

  • Hubert Ondra

    “I find the work in GS Consulting really interesting and creative. Every new project is a new challenge. A big plus which I appreciate about GS Consulting is a focus on my future career development and possibility to cooperate and learn from the senior colleagues who are masters in their field.

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